About RML

RUMIE MUSIC LAB, established in 1990 by two brothers (Alfa Booty & Rumie Booty) to accommodate Malaysia’s music industry needs. Even in young age, both brothers courageously embarked on a journey by providing a recording studio infrastructures, music productions, mixing, mastering, musicians and publications with supports from Malaysian’s professional musicians, record labels, agents & event management companies.

Currently located in Sunway Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur, with plenty of hard work & high spirits, RML managed to build an empire of music & audio recordings known to many, managed to attract many high-profile clients/artists with their high quality products by using state of the art & up-to-date equipment.

The main hub of RUMIE MUSIC LAB is the control room that features high-end speakers, pre-amps, compressor & hardware paired with latest computer-based digital audio technology to date.

The studio room is ample enough for drums, choirs or even a live ensemble recording using high-end studio grade microphones & operates by experienced audio engineers.

In 2014, RUMIE MUSIC LAB launched RML-KMR Studio (KELAB MIXING RECORDING MALAYSIA), an audio recording and mixing tutorial portal & also a place to spread knowledge to new comers, music enthusiasts, recording fans & audio professionals. By end of 2016, almost 3000 members  have been recruited & as a contribution to the music community, RUMIE MUSIC LAB had organised series of workshops to facilitate digital audio users.

RML-KMR Studio weblog – tutorial blog
RML-KMR youtube channel – tutorial video

RUMIE MUSIC LAB Team. We believe in great music. All the time. For all.